Mary Shelley - Frankenstein

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MARY SHELLEY MARY SHELLEY (1797 - 1851) LIFE AND WORKS BORN OF "GLORIOUS PARENTS" Mary Shelley lived in a cultural and intellectual enviroment: in fact her father was an important philosopher and her mother was a famous author.
A MARRIAGE WITH SHELLEY In 1814 she met Shelley and they fell in love. They met secretly, and when she found she was pregnant, they ran off to Europe, wandering through France, Switzerland and Germany. In 1816 the couple settled in Geneva, where they met Byron. Byron was very important for the development of Mary Shelley's best work, in fact it was from the discussion on art and life between her and Byron, that Mary wrote FRANKENSTEIN, published anonymously. A SERIES OF FAMILY TRAGEDIES Mary's life was influenced from a lot of family disasters, such as his husband's drowning and the death of three of the four children she had from Shelley.
She also had little money to support her only surviving son, Percy Florence. NOVELS AND TALES In the rest of her life, Mary Shelley published her husband's literary works and wrote herself in order to support her son. She wrote 5 more novels, besides Frankenstein, the best of which is "The Last Man", a story of the decimation of mankind by a plague until only one man survives. She also wrote short stories such as "The Transormation", that was a study of a dual personality, similar to Stevenson's work "Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hide". to be pregnant = essere incinta to drown = annegare FRANKENSTEIN (1818) SUMMARY The story of Frankenstein is very popular. Dr Frankenstein is a brilliant scientist who has the ambition to gain greater control over life and death than ordinary science allows. After a very long and solitary research he succeeds in giving life, by electric shocks, to a human-looking being he has assembled out of organs from dead men's bodies. But when the creature becomes alive, he is the first to be frightened by his own creation. The monster then runs away and goes in the Swiss Alps, where he understands that all men escape from him because of his monstruous appearance. He has a desperate need to comunicate, but everybody is frightened by him. The rage he has against mankind culminates in his killing Frankenstein's little brother, his best friend, and his wife. The story ends with Dr Frankenstein who sails to the North Pole in order to kill the monster, who has taken refuge there to avoid committing any more crimes. The monster wounds the doctor mortally because of his and humanity's lack of compassion towards him. Then he leaps from the ship on an iceberg, which is soon borne away by the artic sea. to gain = ottenere rage = rabbia mankind = umanità to wound = ferire CHAPTER 5 - THE CREATION OF THE MONSTER The passage is set in November on a gloomy night with the rain beating on the windows. The atmosphere convayed is one of mystery and fear, typical of GOTHIC NOVELS. The setting mirrors Dr Frankenstein's mood of fear. Frankenstein put together the parts out of which his creature wa