Novel of 18th century

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18th 18th century NOVEL the word is derived from the Latin "novus" and from the Italian "novella", it was original and reported recent events or news. NOVEL=prose story relating recent events The novel potrays characters and actions of real life , the fictitious elements coexist with the parameters of real life. It is caracterised by realism --> different concept of time and space. Time : exact, chronological obsessive Space: very detailed with descriptions full of particulars ---> this increase the impression of real life. Factors that determined the rise of modern novel: -the influence of "philosophical realism"(Descartes,Locke),which focused attention on the individual strength ; -the influence of Methodism: it taught the individual values + personal effort+ the importance of work and of daily activity; - the growth of reading public (particularly women readers; the diffusion of newspapers) -growi8ng demand for novel after the birth of libraries -wealth of the middle class -the influence of fictional realism ( like the picaresque narrative, ex:Cervantes's Don Quixote) FATHERS: Dafoe/Richardson FEATURES: Novelist--> he is the spokesman of the middle class Novel---> concerned with what could alter the social status; directed to the middle class public AIM: the writer's first aim is to write in a simple way in order to be understood widely STORY: Real life, human experiences, as novels were directed to self-reliant, self-made men SUBJECT/CHARACTERS: the bourgeois man and his problems, definite characters, the hero of the narrative, the mouthpiece of the author, the reader sympathises with him. They struggle for survival for social success. Characters are divided into: -people who believe in reason(Robinson C) -people who cannot control their passion and subordinate reason to their grooving(necessit? TIME: chronological sequence of events; characters are rooted in a temporal dimension SETTING: detailed descriptions NARRATOR: is omniscient, intrusive; he never abandons his characters TYPES OF NOVEL IN 18th CENTURY THE REALISTIC NOVEL growth of the novel-reading public --> changes in the reader-writer relationships: ---> As the writer had become a PROFESSIONAL WRITER---> there is any form of patronage, writer becomes independent--->he begins to write to please his public(larger middle class public) that wanted to read about things close to their own individual experience Writers began to look at reality for inspiration => Novel= a picture of life ELEMENTS OF REALISTIC NOVEL - clock time + physical setting are used. TIME + SPACE were made tangible through the use of details( such as names of streets, particular days) - certain "COMMUNICATING QUALITIES"(colours,size,exetion) became of primary importance - attentions are focused not only outdoor settings but also INTERIORS(such as bedrooms..) - NAMES + SURNAMES were given to the characters - greater importance was given to MONEY as a status symbol - a CONFLICT was emphasized between :-->middle-class v