Orwell: "Animal Farm"

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TITLE TITLE Animal Farm.
AUTHOR George Orwell was the pen-name of Eric Arthur Blair, an Englishman born in Bengal, India (1903), and educated at Eton, England. After service with the British colonial Indian Imperial Police in Burma, he returned to Europe to earn his living writing novel and essays. Bitterly opposed to social injustice and political oppression, he was a socialist who attacked both capitalism and communism, a literary critic and a novelist who merged his profound political concerns with superbly honed narrative artistry. Besides his classic Animal Farm, his best known novel is 1984, an extraordinary novel of political prophecy. George Orwell died in 1950, in London, of a neglected lung disease.
[taken from the book] SETTINGS All the story is set in a farm, known as the Manor Farm, somewhere in England. The historic setting is not clear, nor is it very important really, as the novel means to be a timeless criticism to communism. However, it may be set around the period in which Orwell has written it (1940s). PLOT The Manor Farm is led by Mr Jones, a “dictator” who oversees all the happenings on the farm. He has complete control over his animals at the beginning of the story: he works them vigorously and treats them unfairly. But one night Major, an old boar who is well respected by the animals of the farm, has a vision in his sleep of animals having control of themselves. He calls a meeting of all the animals in the farm to discuss this vision and to tell his idea of a rebellion in which all of the animals fight against humans and shall have control over themselves and the farm. Old Major soon dies, and two other pigs take the role of pushing and organizing this rebellion. Their names are Napoleon and Snowball, and they have very different ways of thinking. Napoleon is a more fierce boar, but also more quiet, and Snowball is a very skilled and persuasive talker. They become the two major characters of the story as they work together to devise a plan to overthrow the humans. Eventually, they lead the animals to a victorious rebellion and drive the farmer and his men off the farm. One sheep is killed and Snowball is injured by one of the farmers during the battle. These casualties lead the other animals to appreciate what they have fought for much more. Once the animals have gained control over themselves, the first thing they do is electing leaders. They unanimously vote to have Snowball and Napoleon to lead them, mainly because they are the ones who organized and led the animals through the battle. After getting the power, Napoleon and Snowball oversee all of the decisions of the farm. A council of all pigs is formed, because they are thought of as the most intelligent animals of the farm. One of the first things they decide is to change the farm's name to Animal Farm because the name Manor Farm reminds human oppression over the animals. They devise commandments for the animals to follow and even teach themselves how to