Poeti romantici inglesi: schema

Schema sulla vita, sulle opere e sullo stile dei poeti romantici inglesi: William Blake, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Lord Byron, Mary Shelley e John Keats (0 pagine formato doc)

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Poeti romantici inglesi.

BLAKE Visual artist (engravings). Uncompromising artist. In favour of the Revolutions. Criticism of society (oppressive) Denounces oppression Only source of knowledge. Dream = symbol of imagination (Blake = visionary poet; Chimney Sweeper I: dream = sort of escape and hope) Dialectical opposition of the contraries (ex. innocence/ experience): they co-exist in the same person or situation; they can never be reconciled Apparently plain and simple. Complex symbology (colours, dreams…).
Critic of élitist concept of art, but at the same time poems difficult to read 1) The Lamb 2) The Tyger 3) Chimney Sweeper I and II 4) London WORDSWORTH Lake District. Friendship with Coleridge. Appointed Poet Laureate and awarded honorary degrees Committed in the cause of the French Revolution nervous breakdown (divided political loyalties between England and France)

Romanticismo inglese e autori: Wordsworth, Coleridge e Byron


Man speaking to men = ordinary man with more imagination, more easily affected by experiences and able to communicate his experiences. Lyrical Ballads = subjective poetry of the self Preeminent in poets Countryside (opposed to the noisy towns). Source of inspiration (best feelings inspired by nature). Life-force Common language to express ordinary events, humble and rustic life spontaneity of feelings. Critic of elevated and aristocratic language Memory: through it he could live simple situations again 1) Preface to the Lyrical Ballads 2) I Wandered as Lonely as a Cloud 3) The Solitary Reaper 4) Composed upon Westminster Bridge 5) Biographia Literaria COLER I DGE Restless man dissatisfied with society. Addicted to opium. Unfulfilled genius Dissatisfaction with society. Friendship with radicals. Pantisocracy (ideal democratic community in America) Prophet, magician Preeminent in poets Exotic and fantastic nature. Supernatural visions Conciliation of the opposites 1) Kubla Khan, or a Vision in a Dream (composed in an altered state of mind: hallucinatory).


BYRON Poor conditions noble and rich. Exclusive schools, Grand Tour, sudden success, women, scandal exile Italian years (met Shelley and Mary Godwin). Death in Greece Disdain of the world and the crowd. Reject of conventions and rules. In favour of Greek independence (Byron = one of the leaders of the revolution) Byronic hero (passionate, moody, restless, mysterious, individualist and rough, but attractive; autobiography). Poet = isolated from men and society Admiration for nature's greatness in opposition to man's weakness. Solitary and sublime places where he mingles with the Universe and the infinite great pleasure Descriptions of Europe: distant and exotic lands (those Byron visited). Childe Harold first-person narrator, archaic language/ conversational tone. Met the Romantic taste He has not lived in vain: there is a force in him stronger than the corruption of the world and death. Poetry makes immortal 1) Childe Harold's Pilgrimage SHELLEY Born in a rich family.

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