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Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland.

1819-1901, queen of Great Britain and Ireland (1837-1901) and empress of India; daughter of Edward, duke of Kent (fourth son of GEORGE III), and Princess Mary Louise Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. She succeeded WILLIAM IV.
As a woman, she was barred from succession in Hanover, so her accession in Britain ended the connection between the British and Hanoverian thrones.
In 1840 she married her first cousin Prince ALBERT, and the marriages of their nine children linked the British royal house to the royalty of Russia, Germany, Greece, Denmark, and Romania. Victoria's first prime minister, Lord MELBOURNE, became a friend, but her interest in foreign affairs caused friction with Lord PALMERSTON.


In 1861, Prince Albert died; the queen's extreme grief led to her seclusion for three years.

Her emergence was largely due to Benjamin DISRAELI, who with William GLADSTONE dominated politics in the latter part of her reign.
Disraeli secured for her the title of empress of India.

Regina Vittoria: riassunto

Victoria's Diamond Jubilee (1897) proved her to be enormously popular. Although not highly intelligent, she was of high moral character and extremely conscientious. Her reign, the longest in English history, saw the rise of industrialism at home and imperialism abroad.