La Scozia

Le città principali e i caratteri geografici della Scozia in lingua inglese (file.doc, 3 pag) (0 pagine formato doc)

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G L A S G O W GEOGRAPHY Scotland lies to the north of England and its population is about five million.
This is mainly because it is very montainous country and many areas are uninhabited. It can be divided into three regions: the Highlands and Islands, the Central Lowlands and the Southern Uplands. The Higlands are in the far north. Most of scottish population lives in the Central Howlands. The two main cities are Edimburgh, the capital of Scotland , and Glasgow, which is the third largest town in Britain. The Southern Uplands border on England . Scotland's landscape is very beautiful with its mountain valleys “the glens” and lochs (lakes). Loch Ness with its celebrated monster, Nessie, is one of the many scottish lakes.
The numerous scottish castles, often haunted by famous historical figures, are another great attraction for the tourists. One of the most popular castle in Scottland is “Cawdar Castle”: here you can have a nice time its garden, where there is a mini golf, a pic-nic area, a snack bar, a restaurant and a souvenires shop. Another romantic scottish castle is “Glamis Castle”, the historical home of Earls of Strathmore and kimghome. G L A S G O W Glasgow is situated along the river Clyde: it's the second largest city in Scotland and it is the industrial capital after London ad Birmingham. Glasgow, which started as a fortified prehistoric village, developed in the 15th century as a market place, thenks to its position that crosses many roads. During the industrial hevolution many industries were created, including a ship building activities. Many old buildings have disappeared, but the town has large and lovely parks, many cultural facilities and also a large number of schools and colleges. E D I N B U R G H Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, is one of the most romantic and cultural cities in the world;it is divided in the medieval old town and the new town. The former is situated up the hill; in the latter built at the end of the 18th century, there are a lot of large streets, beautiful neoclassical hauses, and elegant squares. In this historical town there are a lot of lovely buildings amore which the magnificent castle , the Palace of Holyroodhause. It is the Queen's official residence with the appartaments of Bonnie prince Charlie and Mary Stuart. Visitors can see the Palace when the Royal family is not there. Just in front of the castle every summer in August the Edinburgh Tattoo takes place. It deals with a show of military bands and displays. Besides, soldiers parades on horsebakc and Scottish bagpipes bands, there are also performance of Scottish dances. The city's attractions are galleries, theatres, museums, restaurants, shops and in august the annual international Festival of music and drama which is seen by people from all over the world. HISTORY The Picts were the first people to live in Scotland of whom we have some information. They were Celts and they spoke a kind of gaelic language th