Stati Uniti d'America (in lingua inglese)

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Ethan Frome America The USA is a federal republic of 50 states and one federal district where the capital city Washington is located.
The biggest state is Alaska and the smallest Rhode Island. The continental US measures 4.500 km from east to west and 2.500 from south to north. It covers a area of 9.300.000 square km and it is the fourth largest country. The mountain chains in the US are the Appalachians, the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada and the Coast Ranges. The Appalachians which run parallel to the east coast are old. The Rocky Mountains form the backbone of America and they are very height. The Sierra Nevada and the Coast Range are situate in the west.
The Great Lakes are in the north and they are the greatest group of fresh water lakes. The most important rivers are the Mississippi, the Missouri and the Rio Grande. The Mississippi is the largest river and it flows from north to south. The Rio Grande is the most important river in the south-west because it confines to Mexico. The USA has a great variety of climates. The south has warm temperatures all over the year. The north has extremely cold winters. The central part of the USA is in the temperate zone, but there are zones with different rainfall. Also the time changes in the USA. The country is divided into 4 time zones. People The population of the USA is about 249 million made of immigrants and their descendant. The original habitants were the Indians. Now they are only 2 million and they live in reserves. The largest ethnic minority are the black Americans (30 million). They are in the country since 300 years but only in the 1960s they have received the same rights of the whites. The second greatest minority are the Hispanics from Mexico. They are very poor and they accept lowest-paid jobs. The population density is 27 people per square km. The most Americans live in cities but there are only 8 cities with more than 1 million inhabitants. The Northeast The Northeast part of America is the one which is most often described and visited by tourists. The skyscraper and the capital city are the symbols of this area. This region is very industrialized and there are a lot of car factories and the famous Corn Belt. In this region all is on a smaller scale and it is more European. In the west there are great plains with immense field and the most important cities are Chicago and Indianapolis. New York is America's largest city and it is the financial and cultural capital of the USA. Today it is part of a immense conurbation that extends for 750 km along the east coast. It includes famous cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington and has a population of 45 million people. If you fly over this conurbation you can see light on all the way. But in the last years people moved away from this region. The Big Apple New York is the most important city of the USA but it is the capital of nothing. It has a national and international importance because in New York there live a lot of