The Bronte sisters: riassunto in inglese

Riassunto della vita delle sorelle Bronte e analisi del romanzo di Emily Bronte "Wuthering Heights" (2 pagine formato doc)

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The Bronte Sisters.

Life. The famous Bronte sisters who wrote (CHARLOTTE, EMILY, ANNE), are three of five daughters of an irish reverend educated at Cambridge (Patrick). Patrick was rector at Haworth, in Yorkshire, and asked his sister-in-law to look after them, but the girls were often left to themselves.
In 1824, 4 of the 5 girls went to school, but there the two eldest (Maria and Elizabeth) died for tuberculosis, so Charlotte and Emily came back home.
They continued studying unmethodically and started writing novels and poems with lots of imagination.
In 1846, Charlotte, Emily and Anne published a volume of poems, without success.
All the Bronte sisters, and their brother too, had a tragic destiny: Anne died at 29 years old, Emily at 30, Charlotte at 39.
CHARLOTTE  “JANE EYRE” (1847): a romantic love story about a governess and her master
ANNE  “THE TENANT OF WILDFELL HALL” (1848): a romantic tale of a beautiful woman who wrongly assumed to be a widow.
The hero seems to be modelled on her brother.
EMILY “WUTHERING HEIGHTS” (1847) a morbid and mystic romantic passion in which the poet is a link between human nature and a trascendental world.


Wuthering Heights” (1847)
Emily liked the wild moorlands, the stormy winds and the free air of the heath. She was a mystic and had extra-sensory experiences.
Mr EARNSHOW, master of wuthering heights, picked up a gipsy children, HEATHCLIFF, and brought him in his house and let him live with his own children: CATHERINE and HINDLEY.
Heathcliff falls in love with Catherine, who loves him, too. The situation changes when heathcliff hears Catherine saying that she would consider degrading for her a marriage with him. So Heathcliff escapes.
He returns 3 years later, wanting a revenge but still inlove with Catherine. But now she is married with EDGAR LINTON, master of Trushcross Grange and while giving birth to her first child, CATHY, she dies.
Heathcliff, in the meantime, has married ISABELLA, Edgar Linton’s sister, who gave him a wicked son, called LINTON. Now Heathcliff is a rich man and has all the family in his hand because he had become the master of Wuthering Heights. To complete his revenge, he forces a marriage between Cathy and Linton, but the latter soon  dies. At the end also Heathcliff dies and he can finally rejoin to his beloved Catherine.
After Heathcliff’s death, Cathy is free to marry her beloved, HARETON, Hindley’s son.