The Catcher in the Rye analysis

Analisi in inglese del romanzo di J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye: personaggi, ambientazione, contesto storico e commento personale (1 pagine formato doc)

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The catcher in the rye.

“Young Holden is Kicked out of College".
Write: The catcher in the rye was written in 1945 by Jerome David Salinger.
J.D Salinger was born in New York in 1919 He got much success with “The Catcher in the rye” wrote in 1945 but it was discovered  by the criticism and by the persons in 1951. After this, Salinger wrote Nine stories 1953.

The Catcher in the Rye: riassunto


Characters: In this story the principal protagonist is Holden Caulfield a young student frequenting the Pencey Institute, a famous school in Pennsylvania.

There is a second protagonist, Mr Spencer. He is his history teacher, but he was at home because he was ill.
Set of the story: The story is set in two places. The first is the hillock, in front of the football stadium at the school, Thomsen Hill. The second is Mr. Spencer’s bedroom.


Historical period: The Novel takes place in USA after the end of Second World War during the 1950s
Report: The story that is present in this book, American Writers, is the initial part of  the novel “The Catcher in the rye” The story speaks about Holden Caulfied, a teenager student who attends the Pencey Institute in Pennsylvania, USA.
At the beginning of the story Holden is on the top of Thomsen Hill because he went here to see the rugby match between Saxon Hall and Pencey. Holden couldn’t go to the stadium because he just arrived from New York with the fencing team and he wanted to go to Mr. Spencer, his history teacher, to make the greetings because Holden was expulsed from the school. When Holden arrived at Mr Spencer’s house, Mr Spencer was sick but Holden speaks about his terrible school situation to him.