Il diario di Anna Frank: riassunto e personaggi in inglese

Personaggi e riassunto in inglese del Diario di Anna Frank (1 pagine formato doc)

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The diary of a young girl, Anne Frank.

•    ANNE FRANK= She was a sixteen years old girl that lives in Holland during the Second World War. She was a Jewish but she was always cheerful and amusing. She was very brave but she was frightened about all the odds of the war. She always hopes for the best and for the end of the war.
She liked writing very much and he wrote a diary while she was hidden with her family in the secret Annexe. She had to hide from the Germans that looked for Jewish.
•    MARGOT FRANK= She was the Anna’s sister, she was Jewish too. She was born in 1926 in German and after she moved to Holland with her family. She loves Anne very much. She was taken with Anne to a concentration camp near Hanover, in Germany; where she died.
•    EDITH FRANK= She was Anne’s mother. She didn’t understand Anne so they always quarrelled. She didn’t approve that Anne was fall in love with Peter so she forbidden her to visit Peter. She was very frightened about the bombs that she heard in the night.  
•    OTTO FRANK= He was Anna’s father. He always understood and loved her. He was a very brave and hoped man. He was the manager of a company called Opteka, which made things for the jam-making business. He was the only one off the family sill alive.
•    PETER= he was a young boy that was hidden with Anne in the “Secret Annexe”. He fell in love with Anne and they passed together more time and studied French. He gave his first kiss to Anne. He died in Austria after terrible prisoners’ walk Auschwitz to Mauthausen.


SUMMARY= This book is about a family that lived during the Second World War. This family is composed by Anne, Margot, Edith and Otto Frank: they lived in Holland and they were Jewish. They lived a normal life but a day they understood that Germans are looked for all the Jewish to take them at a concentration camp. The family had to hide in the secret Annexe that was in the father’s office. In this room they lived with another family: the van Daan. During the days they had to made silent and they couldn’t use the light, they always had to eat few food because the provisions are limited and they couldn’t went out to buy something. Anne knew Peter van Daan and fell in love. Day by day Anne wrote a diary where she spoke about what happened. During the nights they always said bombs and soldiers but in their hiding-place they felt safer. In this place there wasn’t a real but so they have to wash in vat. On the radio they heard all the news about the war. For they was very dangerous live in the Secret Annexe and often burglars broke into the warehouse. Anne every night hoped for the end of the war and the beginning of a new life. They had to pay more attention because they could be founded so they never opened the windows or looked through the curtains. The two families an another person, Mr Dussel, have to hide for two years but the morning of 4th August 1944 German police arrested the eight people who were hiding in the Annexe. All the members of the two families were sent to different concentration camp and died. Otto Frank was the only one of the eight still alive.