"The letter episode"

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In breve, riassunto del romanzo di Thomas Hardy.In inglese.(formato word 1 pg) (0 pagine formato doc)

THE LETTER EPISODE: THE LETTER EPISODE: A few days before the wedding Tess hears some noises upstairs, coming from Angel's room. Therefore she goes upstairs and asks him what has happened.He tells her that he was dreaming that someone insulted Tess and he struggled to defend her.Tess understands that Angel really loves her and so he decides to tell him about her past.So she writes a letter and slips it under Angel's door. The day after Angel is as affectionate as ever and Tess thinks that maybe he has forgiven her.However, in the following days he doesn't tell her anything about the note, Tess decides to make sure that he has read it.She goes to his room and looks under the door: the letter is still there, hidden under the carpet! As it is the wedding-day, she thinks that it is not the right moment to give it to Angel; so she goes to her room and destroys it.