The plots of Dickens's novels

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The plots of Dickens's novels The plots of Dickens's novels Dickens's plots are well - planned even if at time they sound a bit artificial and indulging in the cheapest and most tedious sentimentality.
Certainly the demands of writing a novel in instalments created irrerisistible pressure on Dickens to conform to the public taste, which was rather melodramatic, a part from the purely practical problems of getting an instalment ready for the next deadline, and introducing an atmosphere of suspense into every instalment and new characters. London was the setting of most of his novels: he seemed always to have something new to say about it. Dickens's first London sketches only the sayings and doings of the middle classes were describes, and chiefly in a comic manner.
Dickens gradually developed a more radical view of the social scene, although he did not become a revolutionary thinker, and he was aware of the spiritual and material corruption of present - day reality under the impact of industrialism. He used Gothic sullen colours to depict the urban slums.