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The solitary reaper: breve descrizione e analisi del testo di Wordsworth (1 pagine formato doc)

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The Solitary ReaperWordsworth’s The Solitary Reaper is an example of his fundamental belief that poetry was, “Emotion recollected in tranquillity.” It is, on the surface, a very simple poem in which a walker is inspired by hearing the singing of a lovely, but poor Scottish girl working in the fields, becomes, on closer examination, a complex poem about the impact of a unique moment on a man’s sense of his own existence.
Language has a great effect, in fact it makes the experience vivid so that one of the delights of the poem is his capacity to recall the episode so naturally that it is hard to see it merely as a “literary” creation, rather than the results of a real experience simply recounted.

In fact for Wordsworth the act of imagination and the feelings inspired by that were as real as any other form human experience derived by daily life.
In The Solitary Reaper is also clearly connected the theme of time and death as well as the poem is open to symbolic reading.
We can notice some important romantic elements in the poem; first of all the function of the after-image in the poet’s mind which can be seen not only as a functional elements to the poetry composition but also as an other world where he can escape from the present.