Ulisse di James Joyce: trama e personaggi

Personaggi e trama in inglese di Ulisse di James Joyce (2 pagine formato doc)

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Introduction. Joyce took seven years from 1915 to 1922, to write his masterpiece, which gave him fame and fortune.

Omero’s Odyssey is the primary source Joyce took as a starting point , in plain words : Ulysses is inspired by an epic poem of about ninth century before Christ.
About his publication, we have to remember that Ulysses appear the first time on an American magazine called “Little Review” (we are in 1918). But, when this magazine was judged as obscene, the publication was stopped.
The whole Ulysses was printed in 1822, by a French publishing .

Ulisse di Joyce: trama in inglese


CHARACTERS, SETTING AND TIME - The book, a novel of about thousand pages, tells only a single day story (16th June 1904), which is set in Dublin. There’re only three main characters involved in that story: Leopold Bloom, Stephen Dedalus and Molly Bloom, Leopold’s wife. The number of the characters is identical to the number of the main part we can divide James Joyce’s work.

- The first one is called Telemachia and it’s about Stephen Dedalus (Stephen represents, in fact, Telemacus, in a modern key). We can subdivide it into three parts.
- The second one is called Odyssey, twelve parts, and it deals with Leopold Bloom (he represents Ulysses).
- The third one is called Nostos or Homecoming, known as Penelope. It’s about Molly Bloom and it’s, in fact, a long Molly’s monologue.

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THE PLOT OF “TELEMACHIA” AND “ULYSSES” - The novel, in place of Ulysses pilgrimages, tells a story about Leopold bloom, an Irish canvasser of Jewish origin, and, in parallel, the same day experienced by Stephen Dedalus, a young Latin teacher. The first important event is the meeting of these two characters. By this meeting, a reader knows that Bloom is searching for a symbol figure of a son and, in parallel, Dedalus is looking for a paternal figure who could be as a landmark for his intellectual worries.
These two characters have got another point in common: Leopold Bloom, in fact, has rejected the Jewish faith as Stephen has done with Catholic one. So, both of them feel themselves guilty, for them actions, and exiled in their own country.
Stephen, who can’t live anymore with his family, plans to escape from Dublin. Instead, Bloom, who is betrayed by his wife, Molly, after the meeting with Dedalus, becomes more and more bossy in family.

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LEOPOLD BLOOM AND STEPHEN DEDALUS - There are a lot of difference between Bloom and Dedalus. For example, while Leopold Bloom is the symbol of the citizen, Dedalus is the artist. The theme artist-citizen of middle class, is one of Joyce’s favourite one.