Wuthering Heigts

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"WUTHERING HEIGHTS" BY EMILY BRONTË HEATCLIFF-He he main character of the story.
His father adopts him when he was a poor and orphan child in the streets of Liverpool. When he arrives at Wuthering Heights Catherine and Hindley, Mr Earnshow's sons, are jealous. But Catherine learns to love him, while Hindley continues to hate him. At the end he wants to take revenge on Hindley and Edgar, because they have ruined his life. Heatcliff is not grateful and his behaviour is not correct. CATHERINE-She is the sister of Hindley. When Heatcliff arrives at Wuthering Heights she plays with him and she is kind with him. When she is a young woman, she knows that Heatcliff loves her.
She loves him too, because she says he is more herself than she is. But she considers a possible marriage with him degrading for her. So she decide t marry Edgar because she wants to become rich and respectable. THEMES Love and passion The love between Heathcliff and Catherine is the principal theme in the novel and the whole story revolves around the passion that Catherine and Heathcliff feel for each other. Their love is true but tormented and never realised during their lives. They will be reunited only after the death, as written at the summary at page 57("After his death, people claim to see the ghosts of a man and a woman wandering on the moor"). The love is wild and eternal. In facts, Heathcliff and Catherine continue to love each other even if they get married with other people, they live in separated houses and after Catherine's death, Heathcliff remains in love with her until he dies. The lovers identify with and as each other and Catherine declares "Nelly, I am Heathcliff" (extract six, line 8)   The passion is what divides Catherine from Edgar. She says that her love for Edgar is like the foliage in the woods and her love for Heathcliff is like the eternal rocks(extract six, lines 5-7). So I can infer that her feelings for Edgar are changeable and her feelings for Heathcliff will be the same forever. Catherine's passion for Heathcliff ruins the lives of many people at Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. RevengeThis is the most dominant theme of the second half of the novel, although in the last chapter Heathcliff abandons his plan for revenge. Heathcliff takes revenge on Edgar and Hindley treating Isabella (Edgar's sister) and Hareton (Hindley's son) badly. Heathcliff first believes that if he can avenge the death of Catherine and he will somehow grow closer to her. However, the exact opposite occurs. When Heathcliff gives up on his plan for revenge, he is soon reunited with Catherine in eternal bliss. SelfishnessHeathcliff is probably the most selfish person in all of Wuthering Heights. He ruins Catherine's life when he disappears for four years. He also ruins Isabella's life by marrying her only for revenge. Heathcliff forces young Cathy to marry Linton. These are only the major actions that show Heathcliff's selfishness. Catherine's selfish character is evident