The puritans

caratteri generali della storia e società dei puritani scritto in lingua inglese. (1 pagine formato doc)

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Untitled THE PURITANS Puritanism was a Protestant religious reform movement , developed within Church of England during late sixteenth century .
The puritan movement borned by the thought of religious reformers such as JOHN CALVIN , whose founded the Calvinism , a religious movement within puritanism . CALVINISTS : - Scotland Presbyterians France Huguenots The word Puritan comes from the word “purify” , in fact the Puritans wanted purify the church of any remaining Roman Catholic influence . They believed in predestination : a person was predestinated by God for salvation or damnation . Their religion and their beliefs influenced their society , politic , economy .
They were very strict , observed serious morality , dress and behaviuor . They believed in family piety education , science and business enterprise not spen money foolishly . In England they were persecuted , but when they went to the New World they could practise their religion and create a settlement governed by Puritan laws . 1629 : a group of puritans convinced King Charles 1 of England to grant the colony of Massachusetts Bay Company . The puritan leader , JHON WINTHROP , decided to use the colony as a refuge for persecuted puritans . MARCH 1930 : Governor Winthrop led 700 puritans to the New World . The puritans arrived in Masachusetts Bay and landed in what is now Salem . Shortly after the Governon fonded Boston . The puritans began to persecute their dissenters . For example if a person was accused of being a witch she was hanged . success in the work was seen as a sign of God's favour and one's predestination to salvation . Devotion to hard work and business enterprise is at the basis of the Puritan philosophy . The work ethic at the root of modern Anerican society , derives from the puritans .