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The bank of England is the central bank of the UK.
It was founded in 1694 and has many functions: • Is the banker of the British Government and the other banks. • It exercises general authority and supervision over the banking and financial system in the UK. • It controls the issue of coins and notes in England and in Wales. • It fixed interest rates. • It protects the national gold and the silver reserves. • It handles the UK’s debts. SAVINGS BANKS ( Casse di risparmio) This bank encourages small savers to invest their money. One of this is the National Savings Bank, run by the UK Government through post offices. It offers the small investors, two forms of account: 1. ordinary accounts with a low interest rate, which are virtually taxfree. 2. investment accounts whit a much higher, taxable rate of interest.
COMMERCIAL BANKS (Banche Commerciali) Are also called joint-stock banks, and are owned by shareholders. They specialise in providing banking servise to individuals. This banks are clearing banks which means they are authorised to exchange cheques and other means of payment. They manage their customer’s accounts by making ank receiving payments for them, by keeping their money and by lending them money with interest. BUILDING SOCIETIES (Istituti di credito finanziario)