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Appunto di bybagiu
CHEQUE: it is possible to pay an overseas supplier by cheque, but it takes a long time before the supplier gets his money.
In a German/UK transactioin, for example, the supplier could wait up to three weeks for payment. INTERNAT. GIRO: payment by I.G. can be made whether the buyer has an account or not, and to a supplier whether he has an account or not. The I.G. form is obtained from any Post Office filled out, then handed to the Post Office, who forwards the order to the Giro centre wich then sends the amount to a PO in the beneficiary’s country, where the supplier receives a postal cheque. IMO: international money orders can be buy at most banks in the UK and are pay for in sterling or dollars. The bank fills out the order for the customer, then for a small charge, hands the IMO over, and the buyer sends it to beneficiary. BANK TRANSFER: a home bank can also transfer money to an overseas account.
If the transfer money to an overseas account. If the transfer is telegraph, it is know as a telegraphic transfer, and if it is mail, it is call a mail transfer. Previous contact: -with reference to 10 Decemb.. -following your quotation of june.. -thank you for sending us.. Details of order: -we are pleased to place an initial order as follows.. -we would like to place an order for.. -we are please to send you an order as outlined on the enclosed form Specific request: -we accept your sales terms. Payment will be effected by.. -with reference to..we would like to request.. Delivery: -we must insist on delivery by.. -delivery must be effected within 30days of receipt of order Reference to condition..: