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Modernismo inglese e vita e opere di James Joyce: riassunto di letteratura straniera (4 pagine formato docx)

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English ModernismEnglish Modernism is the period at the beginning of twentieth century where novelists tend to use new techniques in their works, concentrating their attention above all to realism.

In particular,they focusing their attention on the mental processes that develop in the human mind,using above all the new technique called the “stream of consciousness”.
The study of the human mind was possible thanks to the great discoveries of the last part of IX century fruit of Bergson, William James and above all Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis.
During the English Modernism there were two kind of novelists:
the conservative (like Lorence and Orwell), who attempted to keep the traditional literature techniques;
the progressive, who tried to introduce new techniques like the “stream-of- consciousness” or the novelist eclipse.
It consisted in the disappearance of the interior author.


The reasons why there are the use of these techniques is dated back to Imperialism, a period of human history where countries wanted to impose their own power; and so feels the need by some novelists to write in a more realistic way without imposing their own point of view. That was also influenced by the Theory of relativity by Einstein , that was expanded over the scientific field: everything is relative. And so the universal point of view was born.
Others new techniques tried to depict the consciousness are flaschbacks, fade out,slow up, the use or metaphors, similes,the use of special forms of punctuation like parentheses,dashes, or such devices as the story within. But the most ricorrent and important is the interior monologue. It is similar to the stream-of- consciousness but different; this latter reveals the mental activities, instead the interior monologue translate those activities in words

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James JoyceJoyce was an Irish novelist. He was born in Dublin( Ireland) in 1882 and he died in Zurich in 1941. He came from a middle class Irish Catholic family. He had a deep and rigid Jesuit education.
His most important works are :

Joyce's Novels:
- A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
- Ulysses
- Finnegans Wake
- Stephen Hero,
- Dubliners.