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LIFE IN LILLIPUT:  not all the people were friendly with Gulliver. A small group of them began to shoot arrows at him. The colonel was angry. He tie them with ropes and he gave them to Gulliver to punish. He put them into his pocket and one on his hand. Then he took the knife near the man's body and he cut the ropes around him. People was surprised of Gulliver's behavior and they were so happy when they saw that he was kind with them. One month later, Gulliver learnt their language and he said to the Emperor taht he was tired to being a prisoner.
He told that he would to see if I Gulliver had some weapon into his pocket. In his pocket he had only a piece of paper, a piece of cloth, a metal box, a comb, a powder,a tube of metal attached to a piece of wood and a chain with a large machine at the end of it. Then the emperor invited Gulliver to see some special dances. Some day later Gulliver asked again to let him go. The Emperor said that Gulliver wasn't a prisoner but he mustn't leave to Lilliput without permission and he must help the Emperor's army if there was a war.

The Gulliver's travels: riassunto in inglese


THE WAR OF THE EGGS:  Gulliver had to help the Emperor's army to defeat Blefuscu inhabitants. An Emperor's minister explained to Gulliver the reason for the war: they concerned the correct way to eat the eggs. In the past the people of Lilliput and the People of Blefuscu belived that eggs should be broken at the bigger end. One day the Emperor's grandfather ordered to Lilliputians to open the eggs from the smaller end. The people didn't like this order so there was a civil war. Many rebels went to live in Blefuscu. So, Gulliver, when it was dark, he tied a piece of rope to each of the Blefuscu ships and he pulled them towards Lilliput. The emperor said that Gulliver was a Hero. Some days later, there was a fire inm the palace so Gulliver decided to urinated over the palace and he save it.

Gulliver's travels: riassunto


THE CUSTOMS OF LILLIPUT: The people are six inches tall, they are educated people. They write from one corner of the paper to the opposite corner. They punish fraud with death and they reward good behaviour. Children are taken away from their parents when they are young. The children from important family go to school to learn religion, honour, courage. Girls also go to school. The children of ordinary people go to schools for learn various professions. The children of poorest people don't go to school but they do their work.


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