Oliver Twist: riassunto in inglese

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Oliver Twist: riassunto in lingua inglese del libro di Charles Dickens (3 pagine formato doc)


Oliver Twist di Charles Dickens. Oliver was born in a workhouse.
His mother died immediately after Oliver’s birth. He had no parents no relatives and he was put in a children’s home. He had scarce food and no love. At the age of nine he was sent back to the workhouse. He was accompanied by the policeman Mr. Bumble. He had to work from six o’clock in the morning, and he recived a bowl of soup three times a day. Since he asked for more food the board decided to punish Oliver and to send him to work to Mr.
Sowerberry, the local undertaker.
He was left to sleep in the shop full of coffins and the morning after a big boy, Noah, woke him up. Noah treated Oliver badly and once told him that Oliver’s mother was a bad woman. Oliver reacted and started to fight while Noah was screaming for help. They called Mr. Sowerberry who started to beat him. The next morning Oliver left silently the house and escaped away.

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He walked to London 70 miles far away from the place where he was. On the seventh day he arrived near London. His feet were bleeding and he had almost completely starved for a week. He met a strange boy that promised to help him to live in London. The boy’s name was Dawkins but everyone called him “The Artful Dodger”. In the evening they reached the muddy streets of London. Dodger took him into a very dirty house where an old man, Mr. Fagin, who was cooking. In the room there were other boys sitting round a table, smoking and drinking like men. Fagin gave to the boys some soup and a glass of gin and water. The morning after Fagin locked the door and took out from a hole a small box. He opened the box and took out all sorts of jewels. Immediately he realized that Oliver was awake. He shouted against Oliver, but then told him that those jewels were for his old age. Fagin was training the boys to take away purses from the pockets of people. Oliver, the Dodger and another boy tried to steal the purse from a man, Mr. Brownlow that was outside a bookshop. Finally, Oliver understood that they were thieves and run away while the man was shouting to stop him. He was kept and accused of theft. But the owner of the bookshop declared that the other two boys were the thieves. Oliver was declared innocent and he went away. Mr. Brownlow took Oliver to his beautiful home where Oliver stayed for many days weak and with fever. Mr. Brownlow think that Oliver looks like his daughter.