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Life, importance of immagination, the poet's task (il compito del poeta), importance of nature, the exotic and the middle ages, biograpghia literaria, the rime of ancient mariner. Interpretation of the poem: Christabel, Kubla Kahn. Riassunto su Coleridge (2 pagine formato doc)


Samuel Taylor Coleridge He was born in Devonshire in 1722.

He was the son of a clergyman, and his father died when he was 9 years old. He went to school in London at charity school, where he met Charles Lamb. He was very intelligent and good at school.  Then he went to Cambridge at University but he didn’t finish it. He was interested in French revolutionary ideals and he became a republican.
In Pennsylvania he planned a communist community called “Pantisocracy” with his friend Robert Southey.
In 1975 he married SARAH Fricker, the sister of the wife of Southey. With his friend William Worst word he wrote Lyrical Ballads. After the return form German he went to Lake District with William and his sister. He had many problems with his marriage and had problems with drugs. Later he fall in love with Sarah Hutchinson.
Between 1804 and 1806 he went to Malta and later he returned in England, where he became teacher of literature and journalist. He died in 1834.

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Importance of immagination. For him the imagination was very important. He sayd there was 2 type of imagination: primary and secondary imagination.
The primary imagination is the perception that men have about the world around use. Is possible using the sense.
Secondary imagination is the possibility for the poet to build new worlds using metaphors and other poetical forms.
The poet's task (il compito del poeta). The poet is a prophet, that can tell everybody the truth, using the imagination and his memory.
Importance of nature. The poet doesn’t think that the nature is a moral guide. He doesn’t think that nature is divine , but it is the reflection of the world of “ideas”.
The exotic and the middle ages. The poet was very interested in exotic places and in the middle ages, infact many poems were setted in these places and ages.

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It is a classic text of literary criticism and autobiography. In this text is explained the difference between Coleridge and Wordsworth. Wordsworth usually wrote about ordinary life, and Coleridge about extraordinary things. His poems are characterized from mistery and supernatural. He use musical and archaic language, connected to medieval ballads.
The rime of ancient mariner. It is the first poem of the collection The lyrical Ballads. It is the story of a crime and its punishment. The subject is a mariner that is condemned to expiate his crime by travelling from land to land telling his story and teaching the love for all the creatures. It is composed by 7 parts. In the first part the mariner stops a wedding guest (ospite di nozze) to tell him about his story.