William Wordsworth

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He in born in Cockermouth in the lake District. He spent here is childhood and a part of adult life. His parents died when he was a child. He went to university of Cambridge and then he went to France. In France he were attracted from democratic ideals and took part to French Revolution.
He fall in love with Annette Vallon and had a daughter, caroline. Then he return to England. The war between England and France doesn’t let him to see Annette, so he had a nervous breakdown.
So he went to live in Dorset with his sister Dorothy. He helped him often with his poems.
In these years he moved to Somerset because he wanted stay with hid friend SamuelTaylor Coleridge. They produced a collection of poems, the lyrical Ballads. The first poem was Ancient mariner and the last was Tintern Abbey.

In 1799 William and Dorothy returned in Lake District, and then William married Mary Hutchinson. He continued to produce poems since his death and his best piece was The Prelude, a long autobiographical poem in 14 books.
William is interested in relationship between natural world and humans. There is an interaction between them, some sensations and emotions. The poet thinks that nature and humans are different but inseparable part of a universe.  The men participate in natural world. Natural world has a spirit and a life and nature speaks to men. Humans can find God thinking to nature and to her beauty. Natural world teaches man to love and to act in moral way, so he can learn virtue and wisdom.
Willian think that is important use the sense perceptions to enter in contact with nature. He used his eye and ear to see the beauty and hear the sound of nature.
The men life is composed in 3 stages: childhood, youth and adult life. The mind of the men is different in these stages.

Wordsworth thinks that childhood is the most important stage in man’s life, because a children has more imagination than an adult. So the memory of childhood is very important for poet’s mind. 
Wordsworth style is characterized by the using of blank verse, unrhymed iambic pentameter.  He could wrote in different forms: sonnets, odes, ballads and lyrics.