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L'età vittoriana è considerata l'etò d'oro della novellistica inglese, assume un ruolo di grande importanza nel contesto sociale dell'epoca. Riassunto breve in inglese sulla "victorian age" (3 pagine formato doc)

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The Victorian novel: the Victorian period can be considered the golden age of the novel, and the novelists assured a role of great social importance.

The novelist in this period frequently published their work in instalments in literary magazine and periodicals. One of the most popular genres was the novel of formation which traced the life of the protagonist from infancy to early adulthood. The novelist felt a moral and social responsibility to portray the society in a  realistic way, denouncing its injustice and iniquities.
The narrator of the Victorian novel is typically omniscient  like a moral guide and like an instrument for analysing the psychology of the characters.


Early Victorian novelists: Charles Dickens is the most representative literary figure of the Victorian age. He is the first truly urban novelist. Many of his novel was set in London, and in them he captures the incredible vitality of life in the city, as well as the squalor  and deprivation that many of its inhabitants were forced to endure. He wrote about each social class of the time, from the upper middle class to the most unfortunate members of the society_ his characters give the voice to the whole panorama of social classes/ Dickens’ characters are not realist and his administration of moral justice is also unrealistic. William Makepeace Thackeray like dickens became his literary life as a journalist. His most important novel is vanity fair, where the novel is highly critical of the shallowness of the Victorian world, which is based on money and appearances.

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Women ‘s voice: the Victorian idea of woman’s role in the society can be best summarised by “an angel in the home”-> women right were restricted, but the most important novelist in the Victorian age was women like the bronthe sisters  who rebelled against jane austen’s world of order and restraint, their novels were romantic in spirit and explored extremes of passion and violence.
Late Victorian novelist: the noves after Darwin are representative of growing crisis in the moral and religious values. Thomas Hardy’s novels display a pessimistic essentially tragic view of the world, many of Hardy’s character are often in conflict with the values of a narrow-minded society-> tess the heroine is punished for her sensual, passionate nature; seduced and abandoned by a man who is her social superior she takes revenge and kills him, an act which must be punished by law.  
Charles Dickens: was born in 1812 near Portsmouth where his father was a clerk. At the age of 12 his father was imprisoned for debts and he was sent to work in a blacking factory, a traumatic experience which marked him for life.

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