A Christmas Carol: trama e personaggi

A Christmas Carol, noto anche come Canto di Natale o Ballata di Natale, è una delle opere più famose e popolari di Charles Dickens. Trama in inglese e personaggi del Canto di Natale di Dickens (1 pagine formato doc)

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A Christmas Carol is one of Charles Dickens’ masterpiece.

It is the story of mean financier called Ebenezer Scrooge that hates all the festivities, particularly Christmas, because during holidays he can’t earn any money. Angry for his reason, he obliges his employee Bob Cratchit to work the day after Christmas too.
Moreover, he reacts badly to the wishes of the people and especially of his grandchild Fred, son of his dead sister. Scrooge’s only important companionship is his strong-box, and for this attachment to money, the people of the city don’t like him.
The night before Christmas the ghost of his friend and associate Marley, barred with balks and padlocks, visit the financier, advising him that if he doesn’t change his life style he will have very heavy and long sufferings. Then, Marley announces the visitations of 3 ghosts: the spirit of the past, the spirit of the present and the spirit of the future Christmases. The passage to the future Christmas is important; here Scrooge assists to his funeral and finally apprehends that his maniacal love for money will bring him the hate of all the people in the city. From all of these events, a message arrives at Scrooge’s heart: his avarice will be the reason of his loneliness and of his affliction. The compunction is completed: Scrooge returns to the present, the day of Christmas. Rapidly he dresses and goes to the house of his grandchild Fred to eat the poult that he has bought. The day after Scrooge gives Bob the holidays he deserves. From now Ebenezer Scrooge is a lovable man, and he has finally found the peace of his soul.


In this story the social battle against the poverty, typical of Dickens’ novels, is clearly expressed. The writer was deeply conscious of social injustice, political incompetence, the poverty and the suffering of the great mass of people, and the class conflicts of Victorian England. The result was an increasingly critical attitude towards contemporary society.
Dickens combines the sentimental, melodramatic story with keen social satire and realism.
This enables him to tackle important social issues: the new Poor Law which assigned poor people to workhouse in which living conditions resembled those of prison. The set of Christmas Carol is London, the favourite set of Dickens; but in his novels he shows a variety of setting, from the countryside, through the provincial towns to the industrial settlements.

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The characters of his works are easily divided into good (Bob Cratchit, Fred) and bad (Scrooge).The plots of his novels are all complex. Dickens was a great master of the English language: his ability to create dialogue is unmatched. He was able to combine pathetic with comic. The main strength of Dickens’ style is his humour.