Animal Farm di G. Orwell

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Riassunto dettagliato e descrizione dei personaggi. In inglese (4 pagine formato pdf)

One night in Mr.
Jones’ farm the animals met to listen to Old Major’s speech. Old major was a 12 years old pig who told the other animals that their real enemy was the man. As a matter of fact men stole the products of animal’s labour so that no animal was free.


Old Major also told that one day the animals would have rebelled and ruled over the farm. After a vote that included rats among the animals who had to rebel, they all sang a song called “Beasts of England”.


Three night later Old major died and the pigs decided to prepare the Rebellion.
They were given the command because they were the cleverest of all animals. Among them the most influent was Squealer, a brilliant talker able to turn black into white. There were also two boars, Napoleon and Snowball, who elaborated Old Major’s speech in a system of taught called Animalism. At first it was difficult to convince the other animals to accept Animalism and the Revolt, but one evening, when Mr. Jones forgot to feed the animals, the Rebellion broke out and all the men were sent away by the farm.

TEMA IN INGLESE: From ‘Politics and the English Language’ by George Orwell >>

The day after the pigs revealed that they had studied how to write, so they deleted the name “MANOR FARM” and they wrote “ANIMAL FARM” with white paint. Then they said they reduced Old Major’s speech in seven commandments and they wrote them so that they could be seen from thirty yards.