Animal farm: riassunto e personaggi

Riassunto dettagliato e descrizione dei personaggi in inglese del romanzo Animal farm (La fattoria degli animali) di George Orwell (4 pagine formato pdf)

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Animal farm, George Orwell.

Plot. One night in Mr. Jones’ farm the animals met to listen to Old Major’s speech. Old major was a 12 years old pig who told the other animals that their real enemy was the man. As a matter of fact men stole the products of animal’s labour so that no animal was free. Old Major also told that one day the animals would have rebelled and ruled over the farm.
After a vote that included rats among the animals who had to rebel, they all sang a song called “Beasts of England”.


Three night later Old major died and the pigs decided to prepare the Rebellion. They were given the command because they were the cleverest of all animals. Among them the most influent was Squealer, a brilliant talker able to turn black into white. There were also two boars, Napoleon and Snowball, who elaborated Old Major’s speech in a system of taught called Animalism. At first it was difficult to convince the other animals to accept Animalism and the Revolt, but one evening, when Mr. Jones forgot to feed the animals, the Rebellion broke out and all the men were sent away by the farm. The day after the pigs revealed that they had studied how to write, so they deleted the name “MANOR FARM” and they wrote “ANIMAL FARM” with white paint. Then they said they reduced Old Major’s speech in seven commandments and they wrote them so that they could be seen from thirty yards...


NARRATOR: It is a third person omniscient narrator.
CHARACTERS: Snowball: is a clever pig, he does all in his power to improve Animal Farm and the wellness of the animals but he always quarrel with Napoleon and at last he has to run away. He become the scapegoat, everything that occurred to Animal Farm was Snowball’s blame.
Squealer: he is a great speaker and he can make the animals change their mind. He is able to convince them about anything even when the trials shows that he was wrong. He represents the propaganda machine of a totalitarian government.
Boxer and Clover: two cart-horses. With his determination to, Boxer becomes Napoleon’s greatest supporter. He works tirelessly for the cause of Animal Farm, operating under his personal maxims, “I will work harder” and “Napoleon is always right.” After Boxer is injured while defending the farm in the Battle of the Windmill, Napoleon sends him to be slaughtered for profit. Boxer represents the peasant or working class, a faction of humanity with a great combined strength--enough to overthrow a manipulative government--but which is uneducated enough to take propaganda to heart and believe unconditionally in the government’s cause.

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Like Boxer, Clover is not intelligent enough to read, so she enlists Muriel to read the altered Seven Commandments to her. She sees the incongruities in the government’s policies and actions, but she is not smart or defiant enough to fight for the restoration of justice. Clover represents those people who remember a time before the Revolution and therefore half-realize that the government is lying about its success and adherence to its principles, but are helpless to change anything.