Sintesi del poema Beowulf

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sintesi della trama, con suddivisione per capitoli, del poema epico, completo e anonimo (2 pagine formato doc)

Sintesi del poema Beowulf Chapter 1. Danish kings were always known as brave men.

The first was Shield Sheafson, who was succeeded by his son, Beow.
When he died, his successor Halfdane had three sons: Heorogar, Hrothgar and Alga. The most prestigious was Hrothgar , who ordered to built a big hall, called "the palace of Heorot", to hold magnificent feasts with his people. Unfortunately, the longstanding peace was broken by a monstrous beast, called Grendel, which started to seed panic among the population by killing many persons every night in the hall. The demon terrified the Hrothgar's kingdom for twelve long years, until the king of Geatland, Hygelac, sent his best warrior, Beowulf, to help Hrothgar.

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Chapter 2

Beowulf was a man of incredible strength and bravery.
Arrived in presence of Hrothgar
, he offered his power to the service of the king to destroy the monster. He was determined to fight Grendel without weapons, only with his hands. But there were someone in the hall who was not fully convinced of his promise: Unferth. Instead, Hrothgar immediately believed in the incredible warrior came from the ocean to save Danish people.

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Chapter 3

After a propitiatory banquet, Beowulf and Geats remained to control the hall. Actually during the night, as usual, Grendel, covered up by the obscurity, came and silently killed a man. Beowulf, as soon as he saw the demon, started fighting him and, at the end an hard challenge, the hero gripped the beast which shouted for the pain. Then, he pulled out one arm and a shoulder of the monster. Before Beowulf could definitely kill Grendel, the monster managed to escape and die out of the palace. The day after everybody could see the Grendel bloody tracks and ascertain its death. Hrotghar promised Beowulf and his warriors a lot of treasures.