Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre: riassunto inglese

I tratti salienti del romanzo di Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre, con domande e risposte relative ai principali capitoli del romanzo. Riassunto breve di Jane Eyre (3 pagine formato doc)

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The Bronte sisters, particularly Charlotte and Emily, rebelled against Jane Austen’s world of order and self-control.

Their novels are romantic in sprit, explore extremes of passion and violence
Jane Eyre. Charlotte is the more Victorian in sensibility.
Jane Eyre: the heroine in the end marries, so satisfying her female destiny as the good wife, while the mad, bad Bertha Mason dies in a fire.     
The novel tells the story of an orphan, Jane Eyre, from her childhood to maturity and ends with typical recompense given to heroines of the novel of formation: marriage.


In Jane Eyre the heroine shows a courage and determination which contrast with Victorian ideas of female delicacy; such qualities were considered manly (masculine). Although her novels were not meant to be actual denouncement of social evil. The content inevitably highlighted injustices and social problems. All her heroines are women who have decided to act and chose to themselves. Her styles and characters are reminiscent of the Romantic more than the Victorian era: in Jane Eyre and in “Withering Heights”  by Emily Bronte we are confronted in violent, passionate and sometimes devious main characters that recall the Byronic hero. Suffering, pain, and mental conflict dominate against a background of large, dark, mysterious halls or manners. They take up the theme, so dear to the romantic, of good and evil, the conflict between the tempest and charm, between the contrasting forces of nature in men. These elements along with those derived from the Gothic tradition and the cult of sublime, were used with grate originality and contributed to the creation of the intense emotional depth (= deepness, power, profundity…) of their works.

Tesina sul romanzo Jane Eyre


Romantic - gothic elements + dichotomy between good and bad
Victorian - showing the whole life of her characters, the realism awareness and not superficiality - she uses round figures and not a symbol of something else as Dickens.
She wants to show Jane’s self-control in using logic
Suspense to involved the reader  
Gothic not used only to fraught the reader but has a deeper meaning
1.    From what you know about gothic settings, what do you imagine Thornifield Hall to look like?
The gothic fictions have disquieting atmosphere (dark, mysterious elements and palaces, a sense of anxiety and suspense).
2.    What does she say about her journey?
She says that atmosphere is quiet  disquieting: the roads are heavy for the misty, is night and the place is dark. This is a gothic atmosphere.