Charlotte Bronte: life and works

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Charlotte Bronte (1816-55).

Life and works. The famous Bronte sisters, who wrote, are three of five daughters of an Irish reverend educated at Cambridge his name was Patrick. He was rector at Haworth, in Yorkshire, and asked his sister-in-law to look after them, because the mother was died but the girls were often left to themselves. Maria and Elizabeth, the oldest, died for tuberculosis while they were at school, so Charlotte and Emily came back home.
Branwell, the brother, become a portrait painter with little success but then his health deteriorating due to alcohol and opium and died at the age of 31. The three sisters continued studying without a method and started writing novels and poems with lots of imagination.

Charlotte Bronte e Jane Eyre


Focus on the text: Jane Eyre. The novel is given an autobiographical feel through use of the first-person narrator that allows the reader to see things from Jane's point of view. Her way of describing the events in her life is very much mediated by her feelings and emotional responses. When the novel first came out it was a shock for some readers. This was because it went against the Puritanical tradition that a good woman should not feel the need to explore the realm of physical passions but women feel just as men feel. Jane Eyre mixes the elements of the Bildungsroman (that is, the progressive development of the heroine from her infancy to adulthood) with several conventions of Gothic fiction.


Between Jane and Mr. Rochester it’s a passion, so it’s a romantic tale. Mr. Rochester is the tipical Byronic hero because is handsome, full of passion but he never shows his fulfilment. Jane's character is deeply conditioned by her childhood experiences which are described in the first part of the novel. Among its Gothic features are the disquieting atmosphere of some of the settings, which are often described in dark and threatening shades, as well as the occurrence of mysterious events. Moreover, some of these features are also embodied in a character, that of Bertha Mason, the 'mad' wife who is depicted as a wild and strange, almost savage woman, and who is surrounded by an aura of fear and mystery.