Riassunto in inglese: computer e internet

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Riassunto in inglese: computer e internet.
What is the computer system? A computer is an electronic machine able to process data performing mathematical and logical operations. A computer system is made up of interconnected components called hardware and programs called software.
The hardware is composed of the motherboard, the CPU, the hard disk drive the central memory and peripherals. The CPU is the brain of the computer because it runs the programs and allows the machine to work.

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The motherboard is the printed circuit board which holds all the components of computer.
A central memory is also called RAM, (it is random access memory). It is a temporary unit that runs all the program in use (it is where all the data ready to be processes by the CPU are loaded).
The hard disk is the permanent memory where data are stored.

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The peripherals are devices connected to the computer, they can be input or output devices; input devices are used to enter data, while output devices are used to communicate or display the results of data processing.
There are three types of computer; Mainframe, Minicomputer and Microcomputer. 
Mainframes are the biggest, they can perform hundreds of millions of instruction per second, they are very powerful so generate a lot of heat, so they need big hair conditioned rooms. They are used to run large computer systems and network in big companies like bank and insurance companies.