"A midsummer night's dream" di Shakespeare

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A midsummer night's dream

William Shakespeare


A midsummer night's dream was written when Shakespeare was composing Romeo and Juliet.

Initially written for a marriage it was subsequently represented in public.

You realizes with this work the ideal of romantic comedy of William Shakespeare, the fundamental elements of this new kind are the fortune of love and the humours of the characters.

This comedy has a lyric tone and is in the sometime a dream and a comic representation of the irresponsible young love.

The work presents various interlacements, but that are all linked with the marriage between Teseo and Ippolita.

They are very conflicting, sentimentally speaking, the female figure and that masculine: the women result to be faithful and men inconstant, but this is because of the sorceries of the elfish Puk.

The history is turning in the ancient Athens, in an imaginary world, and in the real world, among the woods of the Greek city.

All the characters fairytale derive from the English popular tradition, while the real characters from the Latin author Ovidio. In the work there is also the use of masks typical of the theatre of Plauto