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Breve riassunto in inglese della vita, le opere e il pensiero di George Orwell (1 pagine formato doc)

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Vita: he was born in India in 1903 (Eric Blair). He spent a very bad childhood in England. He was happier in Eton, where his tutor gave him the freedom to choose the topics of his essays. He went to Spain to report on the Spanish war, where he was a witness to squalor and disorganization. He had a lot of jobs and in London he had a experience of poverty.


Pensiero: He professed atheism and socialism and he wrote a lot of essays about the relationship between India and English people. He need to write to inform to reveal facts and draw conclusions from them.

L’UOMO E L’ARTISTA: He travelled a lot and for this reasons he knew the English characters and he can judge it by an outsider point of view. IL RUOLO DELLO SCRITTORE: The writer must be independent and while the thirties writer sympathized with communist party the writer for Orwell hadn’t to follow the party line. TEMI SOCIALI: He was indebted to Dickens in the choice of social themes and in the use of realistic language. He insisted on tolerance, justice and violation of liberty. OPERE:


- Animal Farm: Plot. There is a group of oppressed animals on a farm who are capable of speech and reason. At first animal's life is guided by 7 commandments based on equality; these commandments are gradually altered by the pigs who becomes dictatorial.
The story is a parallel between the plot of the book and the history of the USSR. With this story Orwell expressed his disillusionment with Stalinism and totalitarianism in the form of the animal fable. It is a dystopian novel influenced by Swift's Gulliver's travels in the comparison between men and animals. there is humor and sarcasm with also Horrifying scenes.


- 1984: Plot. The work is divided in 3 parts: 1) introduced the protagonist Winston Smith who lives in a oppressive world; 2) describes his love for Julia; 3) there is Winston's imprisonment and torture by the Thought Police and the final loss of his intellectual integrity.
"It's a novel about the future" in the form of a naturalistic novel. The story was set in a grotesque, squalid London and in a nightmarish world where there isn't privacy, in which the State has an absolute control of the press, communication and propaganda, where the rebellion against the rules is punished with prison, torture and liquidation. Winston Smith is the last man to believe in human values in a totalitarism.


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