riassunto 1 capitolo pamela scritto in lingua inglese (2 pagine formato doc)

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Untitled Inizio modulo The author of the novel to epistolary Pamela is Samuel Richardson.
Richardson writes Pamela in 1740. Pamela is one young domestic servant, good looking aspect that has great principles between which virtue and honour. Pamela writes to its parents telling they it misfortune that it has succeeded in the house! The mistress is died and has left the full powers over the servant the son Mister B. Mister B donates also to the servitude of the money! To this parents Pamela , preoccupy, because they have fear that Mister B tries to seduce their daughter and that therefore, comes to it removed the virtue. They have in fact the prefeeling that those money donates you to the daughter, are like a favour that expects to be repaid! Wide-brimmed hat says its parents not to preoccuparsi, since is from a month has come to live in house with they, the sister of Mister B, Mrs.
Davers, than the protect. But the parents had reason in fact a day while Wide-brimmed hat was in the bench, Mister B came, embraced it, it kissed it and fainted! Happened that, Mister B put of the money in hand to Wide-brimmed hat and it said not to say nothing to it of the happened one, Wide-brimmed hat left the money on the bench and jolt went to sleep from Mrs Jervis, telling they of the happened one. Mrs Jervis said them not to go via. Wide-brimmed hat followed its council unfortunately even if. In the successive weeks all good went since M.B was party, end when Mister B arrived, and it kissed it newly, it got rid from he and race in its room and sluices to key and fainted! Mister B followed it and saw through the hole of the lock that lay in the pavement. Call Mrs Jervis, broke off the door, and Mister B said that it was better that it returned with its parents inasmuch as it little made a tragedy for of the things for he account. Soon all went understanding that perhaps Wide-brimmed hat would have been gone some from the house. Also the butler has understood and sees it also Mister B a lot annoyed from these voices, because he wants that he remains to house and not that he goes via. Its friend Mrs Jervis explains perhaps to it that Mister B is in love of she, and explains to it that many persons of high class would want to find themselves in its same position! Mister b speaks with the Mrs Jervis and it asks to them to convince it to remain in the house. a night while Pamela and Mrs Jervis were going to bed, they felt of the noises of the closet, and opening it they were found of forehead Mister B, implored Pamela not to make uproar. Mister B. ordered to Mrs Jervis to exit from the room, but it refused. Moreover I order to Pamela to leave the house the following morning. Fine modulo