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1-    How many member of the House of Commons are there?
The House of Commons has 659 Members of Parliaments.
2-    How many members of the House of Lords are there currently?
The House of Lords currently has 550 member.
3-    How long can a government stay in power without calling an election?
The government can be to the power for five years without calling an election.
4-    Who are the people who help the Prime Minister to govern?
The Prime Minister chooses some member of his political party to help him govern.

These are called cabinet ministers.

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1- What are the main differences between the political parties in the UK?
The are various differences you draw political parties of the United Kingdom some they are the followings: the Conservatories represent the affairs of the richest classes unlike the Labour party that deals him with the poorest part of the population; the Conservatories want to for instance establish the free enterprise as and free school from the control of the local authorities, the hospital that manage alone their budgets.

The Labour Party wants a government control instead on the industry therefore the nationalization of the industries, the non selective school and the hospital that also assure a care to the most uncomfortable.

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2- How has the political approach of the Labour party changed in recent years?
Nowadays the Labour party in no longer seen as a left-wing, socialist party. Its support comes increasingly from the middle, rather than working classes, supporting big business, cutting benefits to the unemployed, the disabled and single mothers.
3- How popular was devolution as a policy in Scotland and Wales?
In September 1997 in Scotland and in Wales announced of the elections came for approving the devolution. In Scotland he was approved with 74,3 percent. The votes while in Wales with only 50,3 percent.
4-    How many members are there in the Scottish and Welsh parliament?
In the Scottish parliament are present 129 member while in that Welsh they are present 60 member.
5- When did Ulster have its first ruling body?
The first dominant body of the Ulster was composed from all the member of the political parties and from the syndic lists of the Ulster.
6-Who currently controls the affaires of Northern Ireland?
Currently the North Ireland is checked by the government of Tony Blair.