The great Gatsby: trama

Riassunto della trama in inglese del romanzo "The Great Gatsby" di Francis Scott Fitzgerald (1 pagine formato doc)

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The Great GatsbyFrancis Scott Fitzgerald

Nick Carraway, a young man from Midwest, went to New York to learn about the bond business and he rented a small house on Long Island near the mansion of a millionaire, Jay Gatsby.  In the same town lived his cousin Daisy with her husband, Tom Buchanan, when Nick visited them he discovered that Tom had a mistress and he met Jordan Baker who was Daisy’s friend. One day Tom took Nick to meet his mistress, who was married with George Wilson, the owner of a gas station.

One day a driver invited Nick to one of Gatsby’s fabulous parties, there he met Jordan Baker and a handsome, elegant man, talking to him Nick discovered that he was Jay Gatsby. After a month Gatsby came to visit Nick for the first time, he invited Nick to come to the city and told him about himself and that Jordan had to tell him something important.

The great Gatsby: summary


When Nick met Jordan she told him about Daisy and Gatsby, they had a love relationship but they broke up because Gatsby went to fight in France during the war, then Daisy married Tom Buchanan, but she wasn’t really in love with him. Gatsby wanted Nick to invite Daisy to his house, but without telling her about his presence.
Nick organized the meeting, at the beginning Gatsby and Daisy were nervous and embarrassed but then they began to relax, later Gatsby showed his enormous house to Daisy. After some days Gorge Wilson discovered that his wife, Myrtle, had a lover and Tom understood that his wife and Gatsby were in love.
Gatsby told Tom that Daisy had never loved him, but she hadn’t the courage to tell her husband that it was the truth. Daisy and Gatsby went home by car, later when Nick, Jordan and Tom arrived at George’s gas station they discovered that Myrtle had been killed by Gatsby’s car.

Il grande Gatsby: trama in inglese


Nick decided to go to Gatsby’s house and talking with him he realized that it was Daisy who had hit Myrtle and that Gatsby wanted to lie and to defend Daisy. The next day Nick went to Gatsby’s house, he told him how he met Daisy and how he realized that their love was impossible because he was so poor. Daisy was the essence of all his dreams of success. One afternoon while Gatsby was swimming in the pool, George Wilson arrived. he had discovered that Gatsby was the owner of the car that had killed his wife, then he killed Gatsby and took his own life.

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