The Gulliver's travels: riassunto in inglese

I viaggi di Gulliver: riassunto in inglese del romanzo di Swift (1 pagine formato doc)

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I viaggi di Gulliver di Jonathan Swift.

The main charachter of this novel tells about his adventures. He left school soon;but he loves to travel so he got married and after he takes The ship called Antilop,sailing to te South Seas.His journey starts on 4th May 1699.Because of a storm his ship sinked and the crew drowned.But he was safe and he arrived in a land:he felt asleep. When he woked up he coldn't move because he was tied.He looked arouns and he saw a very short man:he was fifteen centemetres tall.There were a lot of other short man around him.
They were scared of him.The language of this characters was incomprehensible,but Gulliver sensed:he was a prisoner of them.


They conduced him to their city called Mildendo and there a temple become Gulliver's new home. When Gulliver asked at the King if he can leave the island, he answered: `No'. So he decided to became kind to persuaded the King. One day the King said: `You are free if you respect this three orders': You couldn't leave the country or go to the City without permission You couldn't walk only long the main roads and you have to pay attention at cars,horses and people You have to help people to work,to defend Lilliput from the enemies of the Island of Blefusco. Gulliver promised to respect these orders and he was set free.

Gulliver's travels: riassunto


He also visited Mildendo. A night an important man said him that Lilliput are divided in two parts:the High-Heels and the Low - Heels.Low - Heels are the people of the Government and also the King,the People are High - Heels and the heir wears one high heel and one low heel!!! There is another division:Big - Endians,the ex inhabitats of Lilliput which now live in Blefusco, and Small - Endians, the attual inhabitats of Lilliput.There is a big war between this two parties. One day Gulliver captured some inhabitats of Blefusco and the People of Lilliput were very satisfied.