The USA: riassunto in inglese

Riassunto in inglese sugli Stati Uniti d'America; approfondimenti riguardo la storia, i simboli e la popolazione (2 pagine formato doc)

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The USA.

The USA is a country nearly big as Europe. It is the third largest country for width (after Russia & Canada) and for population (after China & India). It has 4 time zones, 50 states (including Alaska, Hawaii, Columbia).
The USA is a land of great and varied natural beauty:
•    Frozen lands of Alaska
•    Volcanic island of Hawaii
•    Gentle slopes of the Appalachians
•    Prairies of the Great Plains
•    High snow-covered mountains of Colorado
•    Sandy beaches of the Pacific Coast
•    Fertile plains and wheat fields of the Midwest
•    Deserts of the Southwest
There are almost empty spaces contrast with densely populated urban areas (along the coast and borders), lot of climates and natural hazards (tornadoes & hurricanes).


The USA’s flag, born on June 14, 1777 (Flag Day), is called “Stars and Stripes” or “Old Glory”: it has 13 red & white stripes (for the 13 colonies) and 50 stars (for the US members states).  It is flown in all public buildings including schools, where every morning the students “salute the flag”.
An Act of Congress designated the National Anthem, also called “The Star-Spangled Banner”, in 1931. It is made by four verses, even if only the first is usually sung.

La nascita degli Stati Uniti d'America: riassunto breve


The first people to reach North America were the Asian hunters who crossed the Bering land when it was still possible, 30.000 B.C.

They didn’t know what they did, they became the ancestors to Native Americans.
The first Europeans were the Norse, from Greenland, 1.000 A.D.

•    1492: Columbus, Italian explorer, sailing under the Spanish flag, believed he has reached the Indies.
•    1500-1600: European explorers export unknown plants such as cocoa, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, beans and import horses and arms sold to the Native Americans for furs, gold, pearls, precious stones.
•    1607: founded the first permanent English settlement (Jamestown), most of people were searching a better life and political and religious freedom.
•    1619: the British slavers start the profitable trade of black slaves taken first of all to tobacco and cotton plantations in Virginia.
•    1620: the Pilgrim Fathers (European Puritans) found Plymouth colony, first of plenty of colonies.
•    1776: on 4 July was declared the independence of the colonies from Britain.
•    1783: colonies wins the war against Britain, who recognize their independence.
•    1787: the Founding Fathers write the US Constitution in Philadelphia.
•    1789: the constitution comes into effect and Washington becomes the first President of USA.
•    1800: Washington DC becomes the seat of the federal government.

The great seal of USA which appears on money and documents shows an American bald eagle, with an olive branch and 13 arrows in the claws, a shield with 13 red & white stripes and a blue bar on the top, the motto “e Pluribus Unum” written on a ribbon held in the beak by the eagle, and rays, 13 white stars and a circle of clouds.