Tom Jones

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The plot

Tom Jones is made up of three parts each consisting of six books divided into numerous chapters.
The full title of the book is The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling.
The first part begins with the discovery of a baby boy in the bed of Mr Allworthy, a rich and benevolent gentleman, who decides to adopt him, giving it the name Tom Jones. Tom is a generous creature, full of vital energy and impulses and he grows up with Blifil, son of Mr Allworthy' s sister, Mrs Bridget who dies very young. Blifil, on the contrary, is a mean, odious hypocrite, and constantly seeks to harm Tom.

When nearly twenty, Tom falls in love with his neighbour' s daughter, the lovely Sophia Western, and she with him, but their relationship is opposed by her father who rejects the idea of marrying his daughter to a foundling. Blifil, who wants to marry Sophia, spreads lies about Tom who is then compelled to leave Mr Allworthy' s house.

The second part deals with the adventures Tom has to face on the road to London, and a host of new characters encountered. It also describes Sophia's perilous journey to the capital in search of Tom, after escaping from her house for fear of marrying Blifil.

The third part is set in London, where the major characters meet and where Tom's true identity is discovered. Tom is the illegitimate son of Mrs Bridget and can happily marry Sophia. Blifil, who hid the truth about Tom's birth from Mr Allworthy, is thrown out of the estate.


The characters are grouped and contrast. Tom is contrasted with Blifil; Tom, the unheroic hero because he is an ordinary man, is a kind-hearted, generous, honest and has common sense; Blifil, on the contrary, is a hypocrite. Major and minor characters offer a rich gallery of social types. Men of all profession are shown as impostors and ignorant, but the most negative portraits concern women, since money is their only real interest.