James Joyce

Introduzione a dubliner e analisi the dead (2 pagine formato doc)

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He was born in Dublin in 1882.he belong to the  middle cattolic irish family.in 1888 he was sent to an jesuit school.the jesuite were the responsible for all his education even at university.he was a supporter of irish indipendence from Great Britain,like his father that was a supporter of Parner,the Protestant leader that wanted the autonomy of Irleand.when Parnell Died his father lost interest in the National politics.in 1898 he enterd the uninversity and he started to study modern languages.in 1902 he left the irleand for the first time,and he went to Paris.when his mother died he returned to Irleand and he started drinking and living in poverty,asking help to his friends.in 1904 he met Nora Barnacle,with her he made a loto of travel in Europe.he moved first in Croatia and after in Italy.he met Italo Svevo in Trieste,and he worked in a bank in Rome.

in 1914 he published The Dubliners that was approchated by the critics.after he made his other works like Ulisses and the Portais of the artist as a young man.he died in Zurigo in 1941
We can divided his works in two periods.
The first-(realism)in which the technique is realistic,the plot various and rich in details,the syntax is logical and the language reflect the everyday speech.
The most important works of this period is The Dubliners

The dubliners-15 stories divided in five section that rappresented the stages of the human life
-Childhood/Adolescence/maturity/public life/the epilogue
The story is settled in Dublin the city that he considered paralaized,not opened to the world,for this reason he left this city.