Animal farm: riassunto in inglese

Riassunto in lingua inglese corredato di glossario del romanzo di George Orwell "Animal Farm" (4 pagine formato doc)

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George Orwell, Animal farm.

SUMMARY OF THE FIRST THREE CHAPTERS. One day the animals of an english farm decide to start a rebellion against  the Man. A night Old Major,  the most important pig in the farm, tells to the other animals that he dreamed about a life without the Man, infact they are forced to work for him but they haven’t nothing, theyr lives are miserabile and short. After the Old Major death the animals didn’t know when the rebellion would take place, but they begin to prepare for it.Two pigs, Snowball and Napoleon elaborate the Old Major’s teaching and begin to teach the “animal rules” to the other.
After some months,the farmer, Mr Jones, gets so drunk that forget feeding his animals. They drive out from the farm Mr Jones and his men.
At the first the animals couldn’t believe in their fortune so they have a big meal together and then they destroy all that remembers them Mr Jones. Now the farm belongs to all the animals.They write on a wall the “seven commandments” that are the rules of living.
The new day begins with the harvest: the animal are quick and paceful and all through the summer the work of the farm goes like a clockwork.The work of the coming week is planned out and  resolutions are debated toghether.


But in a short time begin the first problems: Napoleon and Snowball are never in agreement, and every day there are strong  debates. They try to create  classes in reading and writing, but only the most intelligent of them can learn to read. Pigs  are the mind of the farm and take  gradually more power.
gets so drunk si ubriaca tanto da    feeding dar da mangiare    drive out scacciano    
harvest mietitura        clockwork(il lavoro procede)come un orologio    
debated discusse    agreement non vanno d’accordo.

Animal farm di George Orwell: scheda libro


During the summer the news of what had happened on the Animal Farm spread across the country. Napoleon and Snowball send many pigeons to the neighbour farms to persuade other animal to begin  the Rebellion.
Mr Jones asks help to other farmers, but they want to take advantage of the situation. In particular, two owners ,  Mr Pilkington and Mr  Frederick are frightened by the rebellion, so they want to prevent an insurrection in theyr own farms. They begin to scorn the leadership, then they  tell about cannibalism, tortures and wickedness into the animal farm. However these stories are never fully believed and throughout that year a wave af rebelliousness runs through the countryside. Even the song “Beast of England” is known everywhere and humans  are frightened by the rebellions.
In October Mr Jones and all his men try to enter in the farm. The animal are ready. Snowball gives orders to the other: pigeons and geese  create a little disorder , Benjamin the mule and the sheeps push the men from everyside.