Brave new world: riassunto in inglese

Riassunto dettagliato e descrizione dei personaggi de Il mondo nuovo di Aldous Huxley. Riassunto in inglese di Brave new world (6 pagine formato pdf)

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Il mondo nuovo di Aldous Huxley.

A Doctor was showing a particular factory to a group of students. In this factory people were working to generate new children starting by one egg. The students were shown a process of fertilization from which they understood that a single egg could generate from eight to seventy-two twins. The motto of the factory was “Community, Identity, Stability” and their purpose was to stabilize societies. There was also a kind of challenge between Europe, Singapore and Mombasa for the maximum number of embryo from an ovary.
Mr. Foster assured the students that they would have beat the record. Then they went on visiting and they saw some bottles with a name over them. The name was useful to understand what qualities had the embryo in the bottle. After this the bottles were sent to the “Embryo Store”. In this place there were some ranks who guided the embryos in the building.


The tour was 267 days long and in this time the embryos were shaken, were given iron against the anemia, and human did lots of different things to simulate a pregnancy. Mr. Foster told the students that there were different embryo in the structure: the 30% were left grown naturally, the other 70% was given a male sex-hormone that made them sterile. And the embryos of an “Epsilon class” were given less oxygen so that they were less intelligent than the ones of the “Alpha class”. In the lab they were also trying to create mature humans at the age of ten instead of twenty, but still without results. The students noticed that it was very hot in the lab and the Director explained it was because these embryos were men and women that had to work in tropical places, and he was accustoming them in this way.

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Then they went to see Alpha Plus intellectuals. Then they went to ground five and looked at an example of education. The children were educated not to love books and nature (by the use of electroshock and noise) so that they would not have searched information in books and they would not have left the factories to go to the countries. Then the Doctor did a example that confused the students. He talked about a polish child and its parents, but students didn’t know what “parents” were. After the explanation the Doctor said that it was the first example of hypnopaedia: teaching during sleep. In the past they did some experimentations of it, but they understood it could not be used to teach rational things because the child just repeated automatically what he listened to without understanding it. So now they focalized their attention on the transmission of moral ideas that would have made children behave as the State wanted them to behave.

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Il mondo nuovo di Huxley. The Doctor brought the students to the playing area when young children were doing erotic games. He told the students that in the past these games were forbidden until twenty years of age, surprising all of them. While he was talking, one of the Ten World Controllers arrived. He was Mustapha Mond who explained the students that the reason for which they were not taught history was that history was a bunk. Then he told them that in the past existed some things called father, mother and families, but Ford -also known as Freud- discovered that family life was dangerous. Then the Controller explained that all they needed was stability because without the individual stability there could not be the social stability and as a consequence, the civilization.