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Coleridge was born in 1772, the youngest of ten children.

When his father died he was sent to a London charity school. In 1791 he moved to Cambridge, where he met the radical poet Southey, who collaborated with him on a verse drama, the fall of Robespierre. He left Cambridge without a degree and married Southey’s fiancée’s sister. They had 4 children but the marriage was a failure. In 1795 Coleridge met Wordsworth and they wrote lyrical ballads.
In 1798 he travelled to Germany with Wordsworth  and his sister Dorothy. In1800 they returned to England and Coleridge went to live with the Wordsworths and Southey forming the “lake Poets”. By this time he became addicted to opium, starting suffering for various health problems. Because of this his friendship with Wordsworth came to the end. He also worked as a journalist and his fame improved with the publication of the poem Christabel  and Kubla Khan.

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Lyrical ballads. This work is likely the best expression of Coleridge and Wordsworth avant-grade poetic vision in the Romantic Ages. Believing in the intuitions and in the experiences of the senses Wordsworth renewed the contents and the style of the English poetry in the early decades of the 19th century. Mostly with the enrichment of Coleridge’s mysterious and supernatural worlds, which can be vividly seen for instance in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, the whole work reach a nearly perfect status bringing Romanticism as a literary movement in England.