Daffodils di William Wordsworth - riassunto in inglese

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This poem is taken from: “Poems in two Volumes” by William Wordsworth. He is famous for his interest in the relationship between natural world and the human consciousness; Wordsworth, though a common man, has greater sensibility and the ability to penetrate o the heart of things, he becomes a teacher who shows men how to understand their feelings and improve their moral being. His task consists in drowning attention to the ordinary things of life, to the humblest people, where the deepest emotions and truths are to be found.
Daffodils” is one of the most famous poem of Wordsworth, in which he vividly conveys his love for nature.
We can be divided this poem into 4 stanzas of six lines in rhyme, in fact the rhyme scheme is: AB AB, CD CD, EF EF...


The first stanza contains the imagine of the poet who wanders in a state of loneliness and absent-mindedness, this mood is suddenly broken in upon by the sight of the daffodils which are seen as a “crowd”. The poet spends no words on detailed descriptions of the daffodils, but he uses personification with the use of the verbs “dancing” and “twinkle”. The second stanza the poet shows the daffodils as part of a universal order, just as the stars in the Milky Way. In all creation man seems the only creature that is capable of feeling not at home, of “wandering as lonely as a cloud”. In this stanza the poet uses an inversion:” Ten thousand saw…” in line 11 because he wants to emphasised the poets though.  In the third stanza the poet compares the daffodils to the waves on the lake, which also dance as the flowers. In this stanza the poet uses a repetition: “I gazed – and gazed – “because he wants to underlines the important of his vision. In the last stanza the poet is gay because his heart dances with the daffodils, and in these lines he represents in splendid way the beatitude of the loneliness.

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These two last stanzas are concentrated on the Wordsworth’s feelings, while the first two stanzas describe the nature, the colours and the flowers.
The emotion looking at the nature is not immediate but it comes only when in an idle and thoughtful state the nature remembers him.
 I think Wordsworth is a big teacher because with his imagination enables man to enter into and give life and significance to the world and thing more important to the daily life and the people of every day.