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Schema riassuntivo della vita, delle opere e della tecnica poetica dell'autore inglese T.S. Eliot. Riassunto in inglese su Thomas Stearns Eliot (1 pagine formato doc)

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DATE: T.S.Eliot DATE: 1888-1965 EDUCATION: His parents were wealthy and fond of culture He studied at Harvard, Paris and Oxford university: cosmopolitan education MAIN WORKS: “The waste land” dedicated to Ezra Pound He's the 1st modern poet in English literature of the period between the Second World War INFLUENCES: DANTE(Italian poetry):the capacity to express emotional experience based on the entire cultural reality of his time JOHN DONNE: for immediacy and technical control Baudelaire (the symbolists): for his vision of the sordid aspects of the modern metropolis IMAGIST MOVEMENT: for the use of clear and precise images and concision in language EZRA POUND: because he helped and encouraged E.

and he revised the opera before the publication.


THEMES: Inability to communicate Lack of love corruption alienation and sterility of modern life FEATURES OF STYLE: lack in plot no logical time sequences(present, past and future are mixed) irregular rhyme scheme characters not really defined similes, alliterations, repetitions juxtapositions: a contrast of images which strike the reader, between lyrical and everyday images quotations from different language atmosphere of alienation and spiritual sterility geographical references(historical, religious, to death, literary) repetitions of sounds and words mythical methods: modern life can be more deeply interpreted if it's presented parallel to equivalent models from the mythical past.


STRUCTURE: Which breaks away from the canons of traditional poetry reminds us of: Joyce's experimentation in novel writing Picasso in painting Stravinsky in music affinities with other work of Modernism Every work is composed of the contrast between past and present: Past glorious, meaningful(he believe in the importance of the past) Present meaningless, sterile Much attention to the old tradition In the last lines: THE PAST SHOULD BE ALTERED BY THE PRESENT AND THE PRESENT SHOULD BE DIRECTED BY THE PAST CHARACTERS.


People recite monologues, sexual relationship are a manifestation of violence or boring HIS CONCEPTION OF POETRY: Poetry had to be objective and impersonal to express the complexities of reality Images are the “objective correlative” of the emotions = THE ONLY WAY TO EXPRESS EMOTIONS IN THE FORM OF ART (objects, situations...).