Il grande Gatsby: trama in inglese

Trama, recensione e commento in lingua inglese del libro Il grande Gatsby di Fitzgerald (2 pagine formato doc)

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Il grande Gatsby di Fitzgerald.

GATSBY: The protagonist. He falls in love with Daisy
DAISY BUCKANON: She is married with pole’s player and she is a cousin of Gatsby’s neighbour. She falls in love with Gatsby.
TOM BUCKANON: He is Daisy’s husband and he has a lover.
NICK CARRAWAY: He is a Gatsby’s neighbour and he is a Daisy’s cousin.
PLOT: Nick Carraway, borned in a well off family of the Middle West, moves to the Oriental Cost at the beginning of the summer 1922, and, in particularly in the village of West Egg, near New York.
 Nick doesn’t meet nobody, so decides to accept the invitation at lunch of his distant cousin, who lives with her husband Tom Buckanon in front of the Gatsby’s home; at lunch there is another guest, the young golfer Jordan Baker. Jordan reveals to Nick that Tom has a relationship with another woman; everybody in the village know this fact.


Some days later, during a trip with Tom, Nick meets Tom’s lover: she is Myrtle Wilson, a young woman married with a owner of a garage.
The neighbour of Nick, J.

Gatsby, is a rich man, who, often gives magnificent parties in his private garden inviting numerous person of high social classes, but only some of the guests know Gatsby because he isn’t present at parties and his guests don’t know much about him; as a matter of the fact, this guests make turn strange voices about him. So nobody know who Gatsby is in reality.
With his garden, border the modest home of Nick Carraway, an employee of a stock exchange and he is a Daisy Buckanon’s cousin.
Gatsby lives in a shine detached house, enormous and luxurious near the cost, where in front of there is the Buckanon’s house.
At  one of his party, Nick is invited, who, even if he is more amazed, decides to be present; at this party Nick meets the home’s master; both make an appointment for the next morning for lunch. The next morning Nick meets Gatsby and both have a lunch in a famous restaurant  in the centre of the city; at the end of the lunch goes in Tom who, behaves in a impolite manners with Gatsby that disappears in a mysterious manner.


One day a dear friend of Daisy, become then friend of Nick, asks Nick to invite the cousin to his house for the tea and she asks him to introduce his neighbour, also him agrees with this  this arrangement   and Gatsby so that all is perfect, fills Nick’s home with flowers and he bring what is necessary for the tea.
Daisy when sees Gatsby stays amazed and than Daisy, Nick and Gatsby go to Gatsby’s home: Gatsby and Daisy met six years before and Gatsby fell in love with Daisy, but years ago Daisy was a woman very rich, while Gatsby was a man very poor and so both couldn’t married, so Gatsby had left to make his fortune and he said to Daisy that she must wait because when he should have returned, they should have married. But Daisy tired of waiting for, marry Tom, who betrays with his mechanic’s wife; with this woman Tom shares a flat and a sweet dog but nobody know this fact, except Nick.