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Macbeth: riassunto breve in inglese della tragedia di Shakespeare (1 pagine formato txt)

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Macbeth di William Shakespeare.

, the protagonist of the tragedy, is a general of the king of Scotland Duncan. Macbeth and Banquo met three witches that explained them some prophecies: Macbeth will be named soon gentleman of Cawdor by the king of Scotland Duncan, and then it will ascend to the throne; Banquo, also without never reigning, it will have a regal descent; These profecy became to come tru so Macbeth inform immediately his wife Lady macbeth that suggests him to invite his cousin duncan and to murder him. Macbeth temporizes, but he is suffered convinced by his wife and he kills Duncan.
After all the prophecies come true, LAdy macbeth became mad, in fact she will see on his hands some blood, that she will clean with some water.


Instead his husband, for the remorse it will hear the voices during the night, in fact he don't sleep anymore.
Macbeth is a tragedy: macbeth is the protagonist, and he is in the same moment the positive character and the negative one, infact he organize a violent plot to became king, he also beame villain when he becomes kings, infact he killed the legittimate king.The witches are important because they said the 3 profecies: Macbeth Thane of Cawdor and king of scotland, and that from Banquo will be born a noble stock.
All story bases itself on the chenge of macbeth's status; initially macbethis a valorous and brave person, but after the meeting with the three witches he begins to desire what they had said, so he killed his cousin duncan, after yhe killing all changes in fact macbeth begins to don't sleep because of the remorse.

madness is a form of punishment.

Macbeth: analisi


Initially the two character macbeth and his wife have the same nature, but after the murder macbeth changes his nature. lady macbeth is determinated, ambitious manpulator in fact she  promptly support the idea of kill duncan; she is strong and indifferent because she hadn't fear of what can be happen. While Hamlet after te murder isn't more indifferent, he had fear of the death, in fact he will don't sleep more because he repent of what he did.
For macbeth the life is not else than a shade that wanders; sooner or later all people must die, and he compare these person to candles that will stop making light: " Out, out Brief candle!"
"tomorrow , and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from they to day, to the last syllable of recorder time" for macbeth any person can ever escape to the invincible strenght of the time, that ovewhielms everybody.