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Percy Bysshe Shelley: Life and works: Shelley was born in the 1792.

He spent his early childhood in the country and he was a very sensitive and imaginative child. He developed interest in scientific experiments and the occult, and was nicknamed “mad Shelley”. In 1810 Shelley went to Oxford and immersed himself in intellectual life. With Thomas Jefferson he wrote a pamphlet entitles The necessity of Atheism. As a result the two friends were expelled and went to London.
Here the poet met Harriet Westbrook who fell in love with him; believing her to be opposed by a tyrannical father, he married her. In 1813 they were in London and there published Queen Mab, an allegory against organized religion.

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He also met William Godwin whose works he knew and admired so much; this meeting was destined to have a very important consequence for the poet: when he saw the philosopher’s daughter Mary, he instantly fell in love with her. In 1814 Shelley eloped with Mary. In September they returned to England, and in November Harriet committed suicide, drowning herself in the Serpentine. The poet was shattered by the news, and hurried up to London. Public opinion rose against him, and he was stripped of the custody of their two children. In 1818 Shelleys settled in Italy and here he wrote his best poetry. During his stay in Italy Shelley met Byron frequently. They had much in common because they shared many political ideals, both were exiles, had separated from their wives and were surrounded by scandal. In 1822 he died in the Gulf of Spezia.

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