Il regno Unito

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The United Kingdom The United Kingdom The official name is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
In England there are forty nine million of people, in Scotland five, in Wales about three and in Northern Ireland one and half million of people. All together there are 58,5 (fifty eight and half) million of people. The Capital is London (seven million of people). The head of government is Tony Blair the Prime Minister and lives at 10, Downing Street. Elizabeth The Second is the queen and she lives in Buckingham palace when she is in London. The most important town are York, Liverpool, Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh and Stratford upon Avon.
In York an important and beautiful monument is The Cathedral called York Mister and it is famous also for its narrow streets. In Liverpool The Beatles were born and it is famous for his port. Cambridge and Oxford are famous for their important Universities and a lot of people like travelling around by bike. Edinburgh is the Capital of Scotland and has an important castle. Stratford upon Avon was The Birthplace of W. Shakespeare. In Britain over 75% of the land is farmland but only 2% of the working population are farmers. There are ten National Parks and cover 9% of the land of Britain. Over 24 million of tourists come to Britain every year. They can visit The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, Stonehenge and Snowdon National Park in Wales. In London there is an efficient underground or tube. It leaves from Waterloo Station in London and arrive to Bruxelles in Belgium and Paris in France. This train crosses Channel Tube.