The American Civil War

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The middle of the 19th century in America coincided with a period of economic expansion, social change, impulse towards scientific discovery and inventions, and an extraordinary moment of literary expression.

There was a tension between the North and the South. While the North was undergoing steady industrialization, the economy of the South was still base on the vas plantations of tobacco and cotton, and on slavery. Then the white population increased, due to the immigrants from Europe, while in the South there were a lot of black slaves.
About the slaves, the abolitionists attacked the exploitation of slaves, the cruelty and the separation from their families they suffered, and the fact they were given no education. While supporters of slavery claimed that it was an institution which gave the blacks employment, protection and taught them the principles of Christian faith.
Northern abolitionists, who included writers, intellectuals, and religious associations, began to organize themselves as a political movement.
From what had formerly been the Whig party, arose the Republican Party, which demanded that slavery should be excluded from all territories of the Union.
In 1860 the Repubblican candidate, Abraham Lincoln won the presidential election.
Soon after, eleven Southern States seceded and formed the Confederate States of America. The civil War broke out in 1861 and lasted four years, ending in 1865, when the blue Northern troops defeated the Grey Confederates led by a Southern fanatic.