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English Renaissance cover the period from 1509,the  years of Henry VIII ascent, to 1660,that is the beginning of the Restoration.

English renaissance developed later than the European equivalents, A important feature of this historical period is the Protestant movement that culminated whit Henry VIII, who broke with Rome and declared himself (as a king)the head of the English church.
The “New Learning” as Humanism was called also, was developed in all over the country, in Oxford and Cambridge, the two English universities. It encouraged confidence in the power of human to interpret the nature.
It was in the value of literature as an instrument of reason and in the dignity of modern English as a literary medium.

English renaissance: riassunto


In 16th century there was a common account of the chain of being. At first there waas the inanimate class: Element; Liquids; Metals. Then the vegetative class. Then the animal class leading of to man. Finally there was the Angels, linked to man through the community of understanding. Man is divided between SPIRIT and MATTER and his function is create balance between PASSION and REASON.
The universe was in a state of music ,of perpetual dance. From this notion derive the ideal of the COSMIC DANCE. The universe was governed divine will:Nature was God’s instruments. The social Hierarchy was a product of nature so god’s will. ORDER and UNITY were the natural rule for the state. The Sovereign became the symbol of unity and stability.

Rinascimento: riassunto in inglese


However the 16th century was restless. This century represent in fact a very eventful period characterized by new geographical discoveries, the expansion of markets abroad and a new order of ideals. The most important is probably the Copernicus creation. Nicolas Copernicus was a great scientist who create a new model of solar system, in contrast with Ptolemy theory and than in contrast with the church. For Copernicus the sun was at the centre and the other planets moving in a combination of circular movement around it. Only with Galileo Galilei, who invent the telescope, Copernicus theory could be proved.